It is my pleasure to welcome you at our website on behalf of the team of PCO Kft. We are honored by your interest and feel that it offers us a precious potential to establish future work contacts. Please allow us to introduce ourselves briefly.

Although PCO Kft. [PCO Ltd.] was officially registered under this name and in its present form in 2001, the members of our current staff have been active in the field of pest control since as early as 1985.

Our corporate mission and objective could be summed up as offering a quick, efficient, and safe solution to a wide range of problems caused by pests. A primary condition for this is the maintenance of a professional, methodical, preventive and regular protection. The goal of our team is simply to relieve our customers from those bothersome pestiferous creatures. For an effective protection though, it is necessary to implement several sorts of methods either individually or combined. There do not seem to be general and definitive answers to the frequently asked questions that might be raised by our customers. The responsibility of the members of our team is to properly assess the given situation and to make a professionally sound decision, followed by the appropriate choice and implementation of the right method to apply. Naturally, we are happy to consult our customers at each stage to tailor the individual jobs to their specific needs and requirements.

A general misbelief concerning pests—regardless of whether they are insects or rodents—is that, due to their great variety and sheer number, any attempt at protecting ourselves from them is futile. It would also be irresponsible and even a crime committed against Mother Nature to aim at the total extermination of these creatures. However, it is expedient to try to establish and maintain a certain “hygienically tolerable level” prescribed by the relevant Authorities in accordance with the domestic and international conventions.

We are proud to inform you that there is a homogeneous and well-organized institutional background available in our country for pest control that looks back on a history of more than 100 years. We owe sincere gratitude to all the people who have worked for this institution from the beginning. It is their century-long work experience and perseverance, coupled with conscientious efforts on our side that assist us in achieving high prestige and steady advancement in our work.

The range of our services includes:

-Rodent control
-Insect control
-Sanitation of grain crops and grain storage facilities
-Flame retardant treatment of wooden structures
-Consulting on pest control and pest management

We hope that our sincere efforts of trying to come up to your expectations will be met by a similar trust from your side towards us, and we can promise that our joint achievements will satisfy all requirements.

Questions: During the first meeting with our customers, they might raise some questions after reading the information package, which we do not wish to leave unaddressed.

Inspection: Before giving you a price offer concerning the appropriate control measures, we jointly (together with you or your representative) implement a thorough inspection of the area to be treated. This preliminary inspection is necessitated by the fact that we do not have general price figures either for rodent control or for fly control, as each and every individual pest control site is different. We simply need to get the complete picture regarding everyday life at the given site and the potential individual requirements to be taken into consideration.

Choice of pesticides, pesticide safety: For controlling any of the pests, we pick the appropriate pest management product and the adequate technology, by considering and assessing the active ingredients, the formulation, and the preliminary information available. Our company lays great stress on making sure that only such pesticides and technologies should be used for pest control that would not pose any hazard to the environment and the livestock of our customers while being the best available choice for biological effectiveness