Stored grain crops have to be protected from insects. Pests can cause a high degree of quantity and value decrease in stored grain by generally ruining the grain and by bringing about a loss in the weight and nutritive value of grain crops. Grain weevils can completely destroy grain silos: once they get inside, they will feed and proliferate in there until they have entirely infested all the grain they can access.
According to the estimate of F.A.O., loss of grain through storage equals 10 to 30 percent of the harvested amounts on average. The loss in nutritive value may even exceed this, as the insects like to feed on the most nourishing parts of grain crops. As a result of the growing establishment of global trade and commerce, the insects that infest grain crops have spread all over the world. In order to stop the further spread of these insects, a number of countries insist that their imported grain should be insect-free. Shipments of grain crops that fail to satisfy this requirement are thus automatically rejected and expelled.


The implementation of technologies by our company for the sanitation of grain crops and their storage, processing, transportation and packaging facilities, etc., provides uninterrupted protection and an economical risk-free solution for the consumers